Pain Free At Work DVD by Chantal Donnelly


The Pain Free At Work DVD, hosted by Physical Therapist Chantal Donnelly, offers a research-based program to relieve and prevent headaches, neck and back pain, as well as wrist problems associated with deskwork. Three different strengthening and stretching routines address problem muscles before, during and after work. The Pain Free At Work program is the first of its kind to emphasize the importance of training specific muscles to prepare the body for sitting and typing. This program focuses on improving the flexibility of the muscles around the pelvis and chest that can cause slouching. It also aims to strengthen the core and mid-back muscles needed for support. In addition, the DVD features segments on posture, office ergonomics, stress management and wrist pain management.

Reduce the aches and pains associated with office deskwork now!

If you spend more than one hour of your day at a desk, this program is for you. Created by physical therapist, Chantal Donnelly, Pain Free At Work offers therapeutic exercises that prepare the body for sitting and working at a computer.

This DVD will help you prevent and reduce:

neck pain
back pain
arm and hand pain

The DVD features:

Secrets to Pain-free posture
Complete Home Exercise Routine
Exercises at your Desk
After Work Stretching Routine
Tips on Office Workplace Ergonomics
Hand and wrist pain management
Stress Management Advice
Exercise Modifications for all fitness levels
You deserve more energy, less pain and improved productivity.