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  • I want to host bootybarre certification at my facility, how do I go about this?

    We’re very happy to hold bootybarre certifications in various studios around the world. We only require a minimum of 10 people. Please email us at info@thebootybarre.com for further information.
  • I’m looking to get information on how to become a bootybarre Instructor and what are the pre-requisites?

    We hold courses on a regular basis across the USA to find the next one please click here. The pre-requisites for the bootybarre certification are that you must have experience in either one of the following disciplines: Pilates, yoga, group fitness, personal training or dance.
  • How do I get graded in my final practical?

    You will be marked on your musicality, clear vocal cues, encouragement, safety, executing the exercises correctly and correct repertoire. Each instructor will receive a detailed report on their execution of the bootybarre technique.
  • What happens if I’m unsuccessful the first time around?

    If you’re not successful in your first attempt you can submit another video another 30 days later at no charge. If after the second time, you’re still not successful we advise you to retake the certification program again at 50 percent off the original fee. We’re dedicated to the highest standard and also supporting the teacher to be the best that they can be.
  • What continuing education do I take to keep my certification current?

    We offer an elite membership giving your new quarterly releases and cues for success videos to help you understand the technique required to teach an effective class. This is mandatory six months after you have taken your course and required for you to continue using the brand. More information CLICK HERE
  • How do I bring The bootybarre to my facility that’s not in the USA?

    We’re expanding into different countries and looking for the right candidates to take bootybarre into your country. This is a great opportunity for the right CANDIDATE to take the bootybarre SYSTEM and EVOLVE with it. Please email us at info@thebootybarre.com
  • I’m interested in writing an article on the bootybarre who do I need to contact?

    We would be delighted to spread the world with wonderful stories about the bootybarre and fitness tips. Please email us at info@thebootybarre.com.
  • bootybarre Certification Process

    To ensure consistency and quality of the bootybarre brand worldwide, each potential instructor must submit a 45-50 minute video of them instructing a small group of the bootybarre class they intend to teach, no more then 90 days following the course. There will be a $50 fee for your video submission. This is a mandatory process to become bootybarre Certified.


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