It’s no secret that social media has become a vital role in promoting yourself, giving us the ability to share our own unique voice with our followers and clients. It is more than just having a Facebook page now to promote your business, but investing the time to organize your content and create eye-catching posts. Here are some tips for promoting yourself on social media as a bootybarre® instructor:

#1: Mark your calendars!

Keep yourself organized and schedule your posts for your different channels. Notify followers of your teaching schedule of bootybarre® classes. Be sure to include the types of bootybarre® classes you offer including:

#2: What do I post?

Does your audience know the benefits of bootybarre training? Whether they’ve seen photos of you at the barre, but there may be a chance they don’t know what is involved in the training. This is your chance to share videos from your classes or sharing your favorite exercises! The key is to use high resolution images (minimal filters).

*If you do have a favorite filter on Instagram, make sure to keep it consistent in all posts, this will create brand recognition with your followers.

#3: Promoting bootybarre

As a bootybarre® instructor you have access to a world-wide audience to connect with and share on social media. Be sure to share content like bootybarre® videos on YouTube, blog articles, as well as posts from @TraceyMallettFitness channels. Be sure to tag @Bootybarre and @TraceyMallettFitness as well as using hashtags like #bootybarre on your channels to increase your audience. We are always looking for posts to share and repost with the community!

#4:Join our group!

Are you in our Facebook group? As a bootybarre® instructor, you are invited to our private social media group. We have created this group so that you can stay connected with your fellow instructors ask questions, share moments, or just say hello!

#5: Like, Comment, Share – TALK

It’s one thing to have a Facebook, Instagram or Twitter page, and another to engage with the audience that’s following you. Before logging out, be sure to engage with your audience. Be sure to leave motivating comments, let your audience know that you care and this will help you to be seen by different groups.

These tips are just a few tips designed to help you build your audience well as build the bootybarre® brand. The bootybarre community is only a like, comment, tweet, or hashtag away, so get out there, be creative, and have fun!