Host a Course

We are looking for Host Studio’s who want to bring new and exciting programs to their facilities. We look forwards to hearing from you and setting a date, see below for more information.


  1. There is no fee to host a bootybarre Instructor Training Course.
  2. All participants will register for the course through, not the host facility.
  3. There is no monthly fee to use the trademarked bootybarre name, logo, and photos. Only certified bootybarre instructors with current certificates are allowed to teach bootybarre classes.
  4. All instructor trainings are scheduled a minimum of 6 to 8 weeks in advance to have enough time to promote the course.
  5. As the Host facility, we ask that you assist us to market the course with local and regional contacts. We will provide you with all marketing materials.
  6. A minimum of 10 registered people are required for a Module One & Two (two days) certification course to proceed. With 10 registered students the host receives a free spot in the course. If the host and BB decides to proceed with a course that has less than 10 people registered, no free spot will be provided.
  7. Host studio must be equipped with ballet barres (floor or wall mounted), sponge balls (~6 inches), 3-5 lbs hand weights and 7 feet of green Theraband per client/instructor (or equivalent strength exercise band).
  8. bootybarre reserves the right to cancel a course up to 7 days prior to scheduled date due to low registration and is not responsible for any lost travel expenses.
  9. bootybarre instructor trainings qualify for AFAA, ACE, REPS and PMA CEC’s

If you are able to fulfill the requirements above

  • email us for more information
  • include subject line: ” bootybarre® Hosting Interest “
  • and please include your studio location and a phone number you can be reached at.

I have taken various barre certifications but after being introduced to the bootybare, I was hooked.... it’s an amazing program that is fun, extremely effective, safe, and fiferent than any other. We also love that the bootybarre continues to offer unlimited additions and variations to the program that keeps our instructors and clients enjoying the benefits of the bootybarre Plus and Flex and Flow.