Tracey Mallett taught a bootybarre Primary Instructor Training course at 24 Hour Fitness in Chino Hills, CA and the response was fantastic! “My favorite thing about barre coming to 24 Hour Fitness, was growing up as a dancer, I realized that I really loved my dancing and barre training but I loved athleticism and going to the gym and lifting weights. I love bootybarre because I feel like it is a combination of those things and it’s really nice to bring barre to gyms for everybody to try out not just someone who can maybe afford to go to a barre studio. So I love having barre at 24 and offering that to members!” – one participant commented.


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The course took place over two days and featured all types of aspiring instructors – Pilates Instructors, 24 Hours Fitness Group X instructors, former dancers and more! Check out the video below and click here if you’re interested in taking a course!