bootybarre has gained popularity among our Crossfit instructors at The Fitness Center at South Shore Harbour here in League City, Texas. I’ve noticed my Crossfit clients enjoy how bootybarre compliments their current workouts. I recently set out to find from two Crossfit instructors what brings them to bootybarre…and what keeps them coming back week after week.


Summer Heath (Crossfit coach) loves bootybarre because “it offers a lot of deep strengthening and conditioning of muscles that are core to Crossfit workouts.” She also “likes that (her) body can get a good stretching from the barre programing which is not focused on enough in Crossfit.” Kim Dunaway (Crossfit coach) also agrees that bootybarre allows her “to target areas with lighter weights and stretches that are not used in Crossfit.”


Crossfit generally targets larger muscle groups, which results in powerful movements like deep squats with added weight, dead lifts, kipping pull-ups, and burpees. These movements can result in shortened hip flexors, tight quadriceps, and consequently a tight low back. Summer Heath noted that her “lifts are improved since (her) form is better with the improved flexibility and hip strength gained from the barre.” It’s no surprise that the sideline series is one of Summer’s favorite bootybarre exercises. Kim Dunaway also enjoys the battement series and skater (with the sliders). These exercises help her to find mobility in her hips that is much needed after the rigors of Crossfit.


As a bootybarre instructor, I’ve noticed the main component of our classes that helps Crossfitters is teaching them to understand hip extension. Staying out of hip flexion during sideline, thigh stretch on the mat, standing hip extensions (Sculpt), and deep lunges with clams, is quite a challenge. Also, back attitudes and arabesque help their hips tremendously!


Our Crossfitters have truly found balance in their bodies by incorporating bootybarre!


By Kimberly Trana