Modified Cardio Push-up to Squat at the barre
(Push-Up with Squat)

This is a great cardio exercise for a beginner class.  It can slowly progress to a more intermediate/advanced exercise.

Start by facing the barre and having them place the palms on the barre shoulder width apart. The palms will help facilitated shoulder stabilization, which is necessary in order to progress this exercise to the floor. Have them on a releve so that the body weight is centered in the torso.

Inhale to flex the elbows and exhale to extend the elbows (mimicking a push up). Keeping the torso long from the feet to the crown of the head. Watch for too much extension of the lower back and collapsing in the shoulder blades.

Add hip extension: Inhale to flex the elbows while simultaneously extending one leg at the hip. Alternating right and left.

Progress the client to a squat with hands at the barre. Make sure that the shoulder maintains stability as the head lowers between the arms.  Best to start with 3 pulses in the swat up to push up on 4. Then once the class is ready move them to tempo from squat to push up.

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