Grand battement in front

Angle slightly towards the barre and stand in first position, resting arm slightly forward of torso. Imagine a pair of knitting needles between ribs and hips so you maintain alignment and you don’t hike the hips when kicking leg. Use the floor for resistance when you are moving from front to back and make sure you go through first position. Try not to let the movement of the leg affect the spinal or pelvis alignment. Ground your standing leg into the floor by pushing heel down and lift up to the toes and reach through the crown of the head. Keep depressing scapular on both sides with gentle pressure on the barre plus think of the connection under the armpit with the outside arm when in second position.

Grand battement to second from curtsey

Curtsey for the Queen with both legs turned out from hips. Even though we are now pulsing in a bent knee position still have a sense of lift through the body and crown of head. Imagine your standing in a box and your working kicking leg is aiming to the top corner of box not directly to the side or think of kicking slightly forward of the outside arm that’s in second.  Be mindful to maintain alignment and don’t loose your knitting needles.

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