Sideline series is my favorite series of the bootybarre program! The key to making this series a successful one is taking the time to set your class up properly. And I LOVE this little exercise taken from Tracey’s bootybarre burn program to give your class a beautiful and dynamic movement and a little extra burn!

Start with your basic sideline leg lift. Ensure your client is properly pressing down through the barre with their forearm, head slightly tilted towards the barre, and the outside hand depressing the outer hip away from the lowest rib. Pulse the outside leg for 8-16 reps making sure the toe is slightly pointed down towards the floor. You’ll then cue the clients to create a small bend in the supporting leg to prepare for a side lunge off the barre. Using the arm you were depressing into the barre, you’re going to push off and plant the outside leg down in a side lunge. Repeat the side lunge towards the barre then away for a count of 3. On the 4th count you’ll come back to resting the forearm on the barre, standing leg slightly bent, and outside leg lifted to the side. Repeat again slowly to a slow tempo of the music ensuring that your class has the sequence down and their form is good. Once you have the class together, continue the same sequence to the rhythm of the music. You can perform the sequence for 8 reps. Enjoy the dynamic movement of this exercise, the increase of aerobic work, and the fun athleticism this brings to this particular series. Feel free to finish off with any other classes sideline exercises like your knee bend to side or side leg kick if your class is feeling up to it. But I have a feeling after this one they’ll be looking forward to finishing with that much loved mermaid stretch! Have fun!

Erica Shepherd-Master Trainer