I am always interested in new innovative ways of training, challenging my body and finding new training techniques and skills…

Bootybarre came to a local Pilates studio I teach at (owned by UK Master Trainer Hannah Cutajar) about 4 years ago, and if I’m honest I didn’t try it for while (mainly because it was fully booked every session) but I just kept hearing about this incredible class – the place was electric with positivity – time to hit the barre.

I was sold on Bootybarre from the first class. Strength, Cardio, Endurance, Power, Pilates, Control, Stability & more … Cross Training at it’s best, it was just like HIIT but without the boring countdown, just like Pilates but with options for higher intensity … I walked out feeling like I’d just completed an hour of training every muscle group … Drop Sets over and over again haha

That was the difference this class allowed me to work as hard as “I” chose. It gave me options for every section to work easier or harder so I always remained in control, but to be honest I’m a glutton for punishment I was going to work every muscle fibre until failure and I did … on more than one occasion… but that’s just me, and the added pressure of 18+ ladies who train like this week in week out making each movement look like walk in the park – I had to keep up #manpoints lol!

But all of that in a barre class???

NO all of that in a “BOOTYBARRE” class!

I’m still yet to find a barre concept that offers the same standard of class (although I could be a little biased), I don’t mean simply intensity but more importantly INTEGRITY. Bootybarre is clearly centralized around sound biomechanics, effective movement, safe practice and Pilates principles.

As a guy doing barre the benefits are continuous; improved form and technique, better posture, increased flexibility and massively improved stability and balance.

So my one suggestion for guys … quit making excuses… I do it, Men do it, You should do it! #mendobarre

“Bootybarre is about knowing your environment and surrounding’s, how you move within them and then understanding how to move with intent and purpose.” – Tracey Mallet @ UK International Fitness Showcase 2016

– George Clark,

United Kingdom