Here’’s some cues for success for Rotated T-Arabesque in Facing Barre from Pro Series 1. Face the barre and set your self in your flat back, T-Arabesque position with the legs in parallel. Make sure that the shoulders are down, in line with the shoulders and the hips. The arms should be straight and shoulder width apart, with the heels lined up underneath the hips. Lift your right leg up to arabesque, lower your left arm to the floor, or above the quad if modifying, and rotate the hips to the right. Your goal is to have the entire body as square to the right as possible. You can either pulse the leg at the top and/or bend and straighten the leg, keeping the quad stable and letting the lower part of the leg bend behind the body. To get out of the position, you have the class slowly start to square the hips back down to the floor and take the left arm back up to the barre. After the right side, you can do a hip flexor stretch with high release, and then set them up for the left side.

Tip: the top arm needs to be straight, you are pushing away from the barre to help stabilize your body.

Logan Hutt-Master Trainer