Set yourself up for success when you’re in facing the barre by focusing on stabilizing the upper body and disassociating at the hip joint. Allow your class to go back to basics so your students are truly getting the most out of each exercise. To make your class more challenging does not necessarily mean doing harder exercises or more complex choreography. We can focus on good control and movement then add more reps to give it a little more challenge.

When doing facing the barre exercises such as T Arabesque and Pure Booty Hip Extension, it’s important that we’re organizing the upper body. This requires you to start with the arms in a V position, bending the elbows and placing the forehead on the hands. Before we move we depress the scapular and image your elbows are moving to the sides of the room. The heels are under the public bone and the abdominals are lifted against gravity.

Enjoy this tutorial for success in facing the barre!