Let’s start to think of the barre as bio feedback for shoulder stabilization and helping your class connect to the core for a stronger abdominal contraction. As you depress your scapular,contract the abdominals and lift the pelvic floor up. At all times you should feel your abdominals consistently contract.

  • Imagine you have small pockets situated under the bottom of scapular, as you depress down your scapular they slide into the pockets.
  • Standing at the barre, make sure to press down into the barre with your finger tips or forearms depending on the exercise so you’re actively trying to contract your lats for stabilization. However, the opposite scapular needs to mirror this action to support the movement of the working arm.
  • Rhythm adds more of a dynamic flow, changes the tempo and gives variety to some basic movements such as plies in first and second position.