Tips for the Side Line Series:

1. Make sure you’re arms length away from the barre, stand in second position plies and reach to the barre so that you’re at least arms length away at a stretch. The taller and or the more flexible you are the further away from the barre you will need to be. Remember we’re all unique so this will be different for everyone, however by being arms length away places you in the ballpark of being in the correct position. As an instructor it will allow you to quickly get your class away from the barre as most students gravitate to being close to the barre. It’s important to achieve correct alignment especially in a beginner’s class so your student’s get used to knowing how far away from the barre they need to be situated for safety.

2. Imagine you have two sticks from your lowest rib to your hip, we want to keep this area as open as possible so that the hip bones are level. As you transfer over to the barre, cue to keep your sticks open without collapsing.

3. Forearm is pressing into the barre as you depress the scapular. Focus on externally rotating the shoulder as you will find many of your students rolling the shoulder forwards.

4. Imagine your body is in between two pieces of glass.

5. Cue your class to look in the mirror to the side of them. They should not be able to see the leg to the side of the body, this will teach your class to self adjust their alignment and be aware of their body positioning.

Remember, keep cueing, keep striving for good technique. This will keep them coming back for more!

Tracey Mallett