Plus Slider1 & 2

Take your bootybarre plus class to a new energetic, challenging level with the versatile sliders at the barre. There courses will give you exercises that you can implement into your barre classes.

you will learn...

slider 1

This is your foundation course for bootybarre slider, you will learn how to implement the sliders into you class so that it’s fluid and your class flows. Learn fun innovative exercises to add more burn to your classes.


slider 2

Take your classes to a new level as you progress through our slider courses, you will learn new exercises and ideas of how to keep you class engaged with fun new choreography with a more circular approach.


slider 3

A new slider implementation to our slider program. Continue getting your class engaged with new choreography and exciting content.


or    get them all together!


Slider 1+2+3

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NOTE: You will be sent login information to access the bootybarre Slider course please allow up to 24 hours DURING BUSINESS days for this to be delivered to your inbox. if not received within the timeframe, please email us at