Cues For Success – Knee Repeater

Do’s Keep your weight over your front thigh, knees over the toes. Press the ball of the working foot (outside leg) into the floor. Push off from the floor whilst maintaining the torso stabilized. Focus on your supporting hamstring stabilizing the front thigh. Dont’s Lift up and down (torso stays still) Point your foot to […]

Cues for Success – Facing The Barre

Cues for Success-Facing the Barre “new” combo Start facing the barre in second position both arms straight reaching forwards onto the barre. Please make a conscious effort to keep the arms as straight as possible to encourage the shoulders over the hips. Sequence: 1 x 4 Pulse lunge to right with the heel lifted in […]

Cues for Success

Make a conscious effort to not force your releve in second position. Keep the weight over the five toes as you do when in first position. However, when the heels are not touching in second position we forget and rise even higher placing unnecessary stress on the feet and calves. Tip 1: Keep weight over […]

Cues for working on a Portable Barre

Facing the barre squats 1.Squats facing the barre must be on a slight relieve so that you’re able to get more range of motion. 2.Keep the arms as straight as possible, situate yourself arms length away from the barre this encourages the class to keep better alignment. 3.Cue the upper body and tail bone sliding […]

bootybarre PLUS Primary Flow

Here is the flow of your primary course, I know many of you have requested to see the class in it’s entirety with clear transitions. I recommend you practice the class with us so you feel it in your own body and learn how to use the music to energize your classes. The women are […]

Cues for Success- Isometric with Arms

45-50 minute classes are becoming more popular in clubs and studio’s. We love to mix up the arm work within the Isometric block, it adds more intensity to your lower body which is happily received. A win, win situation to keep your class challenging in less time. Enjoy! Tracey

Set Yourself Up Correctly in Facing the Barre.

Set yourself up for success when you’re in facing the barre by focusing on stabilizing the upper body and disassociating at the hip joint. Allow your class to go back to basics so your students are truly getting the most out of each exercise. To make your class more challenging does not necessarily mean doing […]

Spice Up the Classic Squat

Leg Extensions Behind Fixed Barre: start in a classic chair squat and reach the leg behind the body. Extend the supporting knee and lift up and down a few inches as you drag the top part of the foot on the floor. Arms must always stay straight as you pull away from the barre. Portable […]

Facing Away from The Barre

We’re always looking for different ways to move our classes but still keep great flow and control of your students. Instead of Facing the Barre we replaced it with Facing Away from the Barre. Below is the flow of this section. 1.Grande Ronde De Jambe 1 x 2 slow count then 1x 8 to tempo-outwards […]

Tips for Abs at The Barre

Why use the ball for single and double leg extensions at the barre! Reason one: the ball actually keeps your spine in a deep C-curve spine without the ball your students will have tendency to extend the spine and use the hip flexors. Reason two: the ball supports the lumbar spine this allows you to […]

Abdominal Ideas on a Ball

Placement of the ball Place the ball mid thoracic spine Inner thighs are connected together for a greater abdominal contraction. Anchor your feet into the floor, by pressing down as you lift your head, neck and shoulders Order of Exercises 1. Chest lift with the ball 2. Chest lift with single leg extension 3. Chest […]

Top Three Pointers for Dancers

Bootybarre is an excellent cross training class for dancers. However, because bootybarre is dance inspired and Pilates based it may be necessary to explain to dancers why you are asking them to square the hips, lower the leg and decrease their releve and turn out. Turn out is a big part of the aesthetic for […]

Shoulder Stabilization and Rhythm in the Isometric Section

Let’s start to think of the barre as bio feedback for shoulder stabilization and helping your class connect to the core for a stronger abdominal contraction. As you depress your scapular,contract the abdominals and lift the pelvic floor up. At all times you should feel your abdominals consistently contract. Imagine you have small pockets situated […]

bootybarre Flexibility

Straddle Side Stretch Legs extended with feet flexed into second position, hands are overhead holding onto the ball. Reach over to the right, left then right and hold. Be mindful to keep both hip bones placed firmly onto the floor. Repeat opposite side. Arch and Release Legs extended with feet flexed into second position, hands […]

bootybarre Facing the Barre

Facing the barre in your squat position with your arms straight, spine is imprinted and your shoulders are over the hips with knees over the ankles. Lift one leg and thread behind the body, whilst maintaining the supporting knee in a bent position and the torso stabilized. Press the leg back in hip extension, flex […]

Pure Booty – Tracey Mallett

Switch up Pure Booty by instead of placing the ball behind the back of the knee, place the ball under the heel of the supporting foot on a standing releve. Tips: Focus on pressing the heel into the ball, with the hips square to the barre and your upper body is resting on the barre […]

Side Line Variation – Tracey Mallett

Start in Side line position with hand on hip or behind head for the more advanced exerciser. Leg is to the side of the body, lift the leg slightly forwards in a slight rounding position down to the floor in four counts, then bring the leg back to side line the same way in four […]

Side Line Series Tips For Better Technique

Tips for the Side Line Series: 1. Make sure you’re arms length away from the barre, stand in second position plies and reach to the barre so that you’re at least arms length away at a stretch. The taller and or the more flexible you are the further away from the barre you will need […]

Quick BURN Combo for the Isometric Series-Pro Series 6

Quick BURN Combo for the Isometric Series-Pro Series 6 1. Start with rolling through the feet, then progress to heels together in a kitten heal. 2. Hold in a diamond position and pulse for 8-16 reps. 3. Pelvic tilt, focus on using your abs to move the pelvis in a posterior tilt then returning back […]

Erica’s Favorite Sideline Series Move

Sideline series is my favorite series of the bootybarre program! The key to making this series a successful one is taking the time to set your class up properly. And I LOVE this little exercise taken from Tracey’s bootybarre burn program to give your class a beautiful and dynamic movement and a little extra burn! […]

Rotated T-Arabesque in Facing Barre from Pro Series 1

Here’’s some cues for success for Rotated T-Arabesque in Facing Barre from Pro Series 1. Face the barre and set your self in your flat back, T-Arabesque position with the legs in parallel. Make sure that the shoulders are down, in line with the shoulders and the hips. The arms should be straight and shoulder […]

Cues for Success Sideline series

In order to create correct alignment in the side line series start away from the barre in second position. Reach and lean towards the barre. Your fingertips should reach the top of the barre. Taller students will need to move a little further away. Transfer to the inside leg then tip the hips keeping them […]

Cues For success –Flexibility Section

Grand battement in front Angle slightly towards the barre and stand in first position, resting arm slightly forward of torso. Imagine a pair of knitting needles between ribs and hips so you maintain alignment and you don’t hike the hips when kicking leg. Use the floor for resistance when you are moving from front to back […]

Cues For Success-Isometric Section

Plies/Grande Plies/Passe Plies Make sure your students are keeping the weight on the ball of the foot and not too high on their releve. Also, the releve stays at the same height the entire time, be careful not increase the releve as you bend the knees. Keeping your heels actively squeezing is important for adductor […]

Cues For Success-Facing the Barre

T-Arabesque There are three variations to stand at the barre for T-Arabesque and depending on the population/level of your class will dictate to what variation you will pick. Most teachers will go for the most advanced move as this is what you see mostly in social media and videos. However, to do this correctly is […]